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Gina founded Praise Aerobics in 2002. She taught FREE classes in churches drawing over 300 members, offering a safe environment to those who would never attend regular "church services." September 2014, "The Word and The Workout" was birthed. Shortly thereafter, she met  2x Championship belt holder in the MMA industry, Brian "Mr. Unbreakable" Warren at    the UFC gym in Corona, CA.  Brian became a good friend and served in her non-profit prophetic ministry, Truth N Love Ministry International.  They married on February 22, 2015. Gina has been in full-time ministry over 25 years as a revivalist, teaching people how to effectively move in the power of the Holy Spirit.  She is also a treasured  confidant to many leaders and celebrities who would otherwise suffer in private.  

Together, Gina & Brian mobilize, train and equip the body of Christ  through conferences, fitness boot-camps and more! 

 Both are ordained ministers and authors., the are one POWER COUPLE!

 Gina & Brian have been tagged "The Facebook Pastors," and have acquired quite a large social media following.  

Training-Nutrition-Counseling Expertise

Gina is a certified personal trainer, (CPT) and certified  by AFAA (American Fitness Aerobic Association) as well as in Homeopathic Medicine, natural health remedies, and plant based solutions.  She has trained clients who were on the homeland security team with March Air-force Base in Riverside, Ca., as well as traiinig sports specific athletes.  

In addition to individual, family, marriage counseling and personal training sessions, Gina offers nutritional consultations.  Using Zija Supermix,  Moringa Olefiera as her main go -to product, she has helped hundreds get well without using harmful medications. Gina has personally heard of hundreds of testimonies as to the healing,  life-changing effects of  of Zija Moringa,,from diabetes, arthritis, obesity ,lupus, cancer, anxiety and addiction are just a few of the health issues that have been successfully addressed.  This  remarkable product contains 92 verifiable cell -ready nutrients,  46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories, Omegas 3,6,9 and more! " Both Zija  Supermix and  Zija Plant Based protein are on the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference). Backed by science, backed by doctors!

 ( These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. We do not diagnose, treat,  prevent or cure).  However, Zija is FDA compliant

Brian "Mr. Unbreakable"  has over 60 professional fights to his credit throughout a 16 year career, facing some of the best in this industry as well as training many that have fought in UFC events. He received this title as a tribute to his unbreakable spirit  both in and out of the cage. Brian’s relentless spirit has gained him great respect and notoriety among these fighters and countless fans. His clientele include men in law enforcement, special forces, military, and ICE.

Team Unbreakable-What To Expect


The Sign-Up tab (at the top of the website) directs you to our TITHELY APP. Choose option "The Word and the Workout" Give your donation for classes,

  In the "memo" portion, state classes/date you wish to participate in. 

We offer a Personalized Group Training Experience!!


(Must be on-time to participate in order to avoid injury.  Instruction is given during warm-up  portion for each exercise). 


Conferences-Speaking Engagements -Calendar of Events

September 19th 2019

Natural Health Revolution


Contact for the location address

Event Details

September 19th 2019

Natural Health Revolution

Health & Fitness Seminar  with Rory Wendell 


Contact for the location address

September 18th 2019

Criminal Justice Reform & Addiction Symposium

8:30am- - 7:00pm

Millennium Maxwell House Hotel 25 Rosa L. Parks Blvd Nashville, TN 37228

Event Details

September 18th 2019

Criminal Justice Reform & Addiction Symposium

Join Pastor Gina Guy-Warren, Governor Bill Lee and more! How can the church, the community, and governemnt work togther?

8:30am- - 7:00pm

Millennium Maxwell House Hotel 25 Rosa L. Parks Blvd Nashville, TN 37228

Event Details


COMBAT FIT/Battleground Perazim . Donnie (Former Green Beret/Special Forces) and Michelle Bowen

The WARrens will be guest speakers More information coming

Books by The WARRENS

The Word and the Workout The Way of a Warrior 30-Day Devotional


The Church is in serious trouble! Many people in the pews are fighting personal battles. PTSD, mental illness, anxiety and depression, while candy-coated inspirational teaching infiltrates pulpits across America and innocent people are caught in the crossfire.  White House, Church house, Courthouse. God's Cleaning House

Tactical Journal


This 30-Day Journal is for those who have been told your voice doesn't matter. Your words were displaced only for a season but will now find a place upon the pages of this journal. God is listening, start speaking...

UnBreakable Love The Brian Warren Story


UnBreakable Love is the story of one man's unbreakable love for his daughter, and about God's unbreakable love for him-despite his faults and failings as a man

Couples Goals

RIOT!  Are you ready for a Righteous Invasion of Truth!

The Spiritual has a twin in the Natural! Time for Unity!

A Sample of how Gina preaches and teaches fitness. The two must go together. Watch this video for a greater insight to what The Word and the Workout is all about!


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Inquires for Counseling: Text/Email or Call 951-833-8190

All Appointments Contact: 

Jeanie Baye-Assistant to the WARrens @

Office Mailing address:  TNLMI or TWATW -1113 Murfreesboro Rd Suite 106-222 Franklin, TN 37064



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7:30 am – 8:30 am


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August Classes on Saturdays 17,24,31. September Goal is to launch all week plus Sunday Service! Need your input so email us!  "Sign-Up button" use drop down arrow and choose "cover fees" option

 "The Word and the Workout"  $15 per class/$20 couples.  Email Questions, Suggestions and Interests. We are building a FAMILY-NOT A CHURCH